Delta Suite

billing Audit

Delta is a high-volume oriented billing validation and analysis system, built to meet the challenges of industries like in the sector of fixed and mobile telephony, CATV and interactive TV operators, Internet services, power & energy providers, insurance, bank companies, etc.

This unique, non-intrusive and high-performance invoice auditing suite is engineered by TelAxion for today’s market needs. Allowing you to perform a permanent audit of your billing production, Delta is a strategic solution to help you improving your Revenue Assurance.

Delta For Postpaid

Its philosophy is based on a customer satisfaction vision, through your company’s invoice quality. By implementing a real billing control strategy, you will increase your customer’s faith in your invoices, which will have an immediate impact on your CRM, as well as on your finances.

telecom postpaid billing suite - Delta Suite
telecom prepaid billing suite - Delta Suite

Delta For Prepaid

Prepaid business represents a very important part in the revenues of telecommunication operators, and in some cases even the biggest. The prepaid mobile users number grows continuously in the global worldwide market.

Delta Modules

All Delta modules are immediately available after the integration of a file.
Business Rules

Control the configured Business Rules and highlight possible issues.

Top Reporting

Extensive billing data reporting.

Invoice Interfacing

Extraction and visualisation of individual invoices in Excel, XML and other formats.


Tariff tables reconstruction.

Billing Compare

Comparison of billing runs.

Billing Cockpit

Graphical overview of billing run integrity.


Delta FAQ

Delta is auditing and controlling very complex billing infrastructures. We have implemented Delta in environments producing more than 18 millions of subscribers on a monthly basis.

Our solutions can be implemented on any type of billing systems: flat files, large XML files, ASN.1 files (i.e. generated by SSP, TAP3), TIMM (BSCS), Jupiter, Comverse, Singleview, etc.

Delta data analysis suite is continuously upgraded and enhanced. Always taking into account the remarks and requests of the daily users.

The integration time always depends on the volume of the billing run and the number of reports generated. In practice, this can take from a few minutes to few hours for our largest clients.

The implementation of Delta can be done very quickly, it will mainly depend on the nature of your files to be processed, and the training needed for your teams.
Delta has a high ROI. It’s use allows you to correct many billing errors and thus reduce your losses while increasing the satisfaction of your customers.
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is a completely independent billing audit software suite that integrates the existing workflow without modifying the systems in place.