Today’s technology needs to be in constant motion by providing an innovative and one-step-ahead services & products to customers.

Nowadays competition rules makes easy for consumers to switch brands and businesses. Standing out from the crowd is therefore vital for a company.

Keeping existing customers while acquiring new ones implies the creation of new services, tariff plans and promotions in order to rapidly respond to competition marketing actions.

User input, tariff changes, data migration, temporary promotional tariff, time of use tariff, mid-period contract change, customer contract splitting or merging, can be quite challenging for the billing department.

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Billing system data accuracy is critical and the involved numbers make every small error to become a huge problem, leading to customer dissatisfaction, negative impact to company’s reputation and of course to a loss of money.

Reputation is essential for a company to survive and a great part of the consumer’s trust and confidence relies on the quality of the data that are presented every month on the bill.

Aware about that, businesses need to implement controls to detect and avoid such errors before they reach the customer.

This represents already a huge amount of work for controlling a sample of some hundreds of bills per month, involving a whole team.

Beside the great amount of energy needed for the organization of such a control process, the potential human errors cannot be neglected.

The time frame available for this control is very short, as it needs to be performed right before sending out the invoices to the customers. The longer it takes, the later the invoices will be sent to the clients, delaying at the same time their payment and so on.

Having completely verified a sample of a few hundreds of invoices is of course better than nothing, but for companies generating from some thousands to several millions of bills a week is like a drop in the ocean.

This problem concerns every company that deals with huge amounts of data, like for instance electricity distribution companies, telecom operators, Internet and TV companies, banks and others.

This is why our Delta data analysis suite software came in to the light and thanks to our several years of experience in the domain of heavy volume billing systems.

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Our billing system audit software has been successfully implemented throughout Europe and Africa.

Year after year, Delta data analysis suite software has proven to be a realistic, robust and versatile solution for automatic revenue auditing on a regular basis. Prepaid and postpaidservices, whether in the fixed or mobile telecom sectors benefit everyday from our continuous development and innovations.