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Our mission is to provide you an expert protection and security services that always go above and beyond your expectations. Through training, leadership and adhering to a strict code of conduct, we provide an environment in which your business can thrive.

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Billing system audit

Review, examination and reconciliation of Telecom, Wireless and Network customer service records.

Prepaid & Postpaid

Invoice integrity control Prepaid & Postpaid invoicing with the Delta's suite.

SOX compliance

Respect miscellaneous administrative procedures such as the analysis of their financial procedures and the publication of their results.


Analysis and generation for all types of billing systems.

Revenue assurance

High quality implementations providing a daily control and reporting of revenue streams.

Business Analyst

Work in harmony with business analysts to help them improve processes, products, services and software through data analysis.

Audit and control

Analysis of invoices, lines, rates, tariffs, taxes, plans, usage, call volume, systems, and contracts resulting in cost reduction.

Data Anonymization

We always work with the necessary level of anonymisation of data to ensure compliance with the GDPR law.

Delta For Postpaid

Delta for Postpaid is a unique and high-performance invoice auditing suite engineered by TelAxion for the today’s market needs. Allowing you to perform a permanent audit of your billing production, Delta for Postpaid is a strategic solution to help you improving your Revenue Assurance.
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Delta For Prepaid

Prepaid business represent a very important part in the revenues of the telecommunications operators, and in some cases even the biggest. The prepaid mobile users number grows continuously in the global worldwide market.

SOX Compliance

Fully aware of the importance of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation (SOX) compliance, TelAxion has developed the Delta Billing Audit suite which includes Delta for prepaid and Delta for postpaid. This cost-effective Permanent Billing Auditing suite is an innovative solution to challenge your current and future markets.
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