Company’s viability

Customer satisfaction is the key to company’s viability and expansion.

The quality of delivered products and services need at least to meet and if possible to exceed customer’s expectations.

Assessing the competition offers is vital, in order to make updated proposals to the market. For this reason, try to guess the next movements and actions from others is crucial.

The marketing department works on increasing the business market share, defining a strategy to build a long term relationship with the customers.

Providing high quality services is fundamental for the sustainability of a business and an easily readable and of course correct invoice is imperative to complete the service delivery cycle.


invoice customer satisfaction - Customer satisfaction and invoice excellence
Billing system audit leads to customer satisfaction through a reproachless invoice

Customer’s loyalty

Customer’s loyalty and faith on a company depends on the goods and services delivered to him, but also on the way they are invoiced.

A correct bill is fundamental for the customer to fulfill its payment and reflects the quality of the company’s organization.

Service Delivery Billing Audit Data Analysis - Customer satisfaction and invoice excellence

Billing is an important step in the relationship establishment process with the customer.

An invoice frequently represents the unique communication link with the customer that is recurrent in the case of monthly billed services.


A bill, a showcase

Like a showcase, the bill is a marketing tool that must be conveying a positive message and image of your company.

Frequently in the past businesses were considering the invoice as a “simple” invitation to pay, send to the customer after the whole service contract has been accomplished.

In reality the invoice makes full part of the service not only inviting the customer to pay, but also to continue to use that service.

In the earlier telecommunication years, when customers were celled by the national telecommunications operators simply “users”, invoices used to be laconic and simple. The monopolistic situations and the quite thin panel of services offered, obliged the customer to continue using the services of these companies because there was no other choice or need.


monthly invoicing control on billing run - Customer satisfaction and invoice excellence
Controlling invoices one by one one every bill run, every month, every week, every day

Continuous billing process audit

The expansion of the services offer today, together with the competition that also targets the customer, requires competing strengths and combined engagements in order to deliver something excellent. The billing part of such services cannot be anything else but faultless.

This is where our Delta data analysis suite software comes in, to improve and maintain the quality of the invoices that you send to your customers.