Delta for Postpaid

High-volume oriented billing validation and analysis system, build to meet the challenges of industries like in the sector of fixed and mobile telephony, CATV and interactive TV operators, Internet service or power and energy providers, insurance and bank companies etc.

Delta for Postpaid is a unique and high-performance invoice auditing suite available on the market. Allowing you to perform a permanent audit of your billing production, Delta for Postpaid is a strategic solution to help you improving your Revenue Assurance.

Its philosophy is based on a customer satisfaction vision, through invoice quality. By implementing a real testing strategy, you will increase your customer’s faith in your invoices, which will have an immediate impact on your CRM, as well as on your finance.

Different modules are available: Standard Analyzer, Reverse-Engineering, Business Rules and Top Reporting; as well as Invoice Interfacing options such as the XML Creator and the Invoice Mediation Library.

Delta suite is permanently upgraded and enhanced. Please feel free to contact us for more information on new modules to come.